PhD Dissertations of the Group

David Redman, Electronic structure of the nitrogen-vacancy color center in diamond. Related publications

Ping Xie, Continuous-wave cooperative upconversion lasers. Related publications

Alan Louis Lenef, Ultrafast photon echo spectroscopy of luminescent centers: N-V: diamond and Tm:YAlO3. Related publications

Hui Ni, Avalanche upconversion in Tm:LiYF4, Tm:YAlO3, and Tm:YAG. Related publications

Steven Brown, Optical Studies of Wide Bandgap Semiconductors: diamond, GaN, and BN. Related publications

Shirley Kidner, Ion-assisted Sputter Deposition and Structural Characterization of Cubic Boron Nitride. Related publications

Qize Shu, Cooperative Optical Nonlinearities. Related publications

Guy Williams, Laser Phosphors. Related publications

Amos Kuditcher, Luminescent instabilities in dense rare earth ion systems. Related publications

Mark Savellano, Photodynamic targeting with photosensitizer immunoconjugates. Related publications

Shawn Redmond, Luminescent instabilities and non-radiative processes in rare earth systems. Related publications

Bin Li, Continuous-wave laser action in random scattering media. Related publications

Wei-Chen Chien, Holographic optical sectioning imaging systems: coherent and incoherent methods. Related publications

Xiulin Ruan, Fundamentals of laser-cooling of rare-earth-doped solids. Related Publications

William Fisher, Coherent Transverse Optical Magnetism. Related Publications

Alex Fisher, Experiments and Theory of Induced Optical Magnetization. Related Publications